Why this website?

First of all, welcome to my website! You might wonder, why on earth did you make a website? Well I hope to explain this in my very first post here!


After my master at the TU Delft I knew that I wanted to do more with teaching. This in combination with my interest in research drove me to work as a PhD at the Wageningen University. Now at the time of writing I am almost in the last year of my PhD thesis.

During my PhD I got the chance to work on the course Modelling biological systems, which is a second year Bachelor course. I really loved writing the course and seeing students work with the material. The course focusses on understanding biological systems with the use of simple mathemitcal models and computer programs. We used Python as a basis because it is free and open-source and students can really benefit from its power.

After this course I did see a large demand for more material on learning Python and mathematics. I got questions from collegues, students and friends how they could start learning Python. I often redirected them to codecedemy, which has a free trial period. When thinking back about how I learned Python however, it is through blogs of people like me. People that knew how to program and offered code snippets and short tutorials. I think I learned most of my Linux, C++, Java and Python in this way.

Because it is my last year of my PhD it is time to give back to the community and do what I like: teaching. That is why I made this website! Futhermore, nothing in life is true altruism, so what is in it for me except just fun? I believe that when you explain something you truely understand it, so for me this website is a way of learning. I also want to keep up the writing after my scientific carreer, and creating a website demands from me that I write.

What to expect?

My ambition is to continue the work we started with the second year Bachelor course, but now in a more broader context. I hope I can help people with short tutorials and code snippets, but my main ambition is to create a full Python and mathematics course on this website. This will take some time, so in the mean time I will add some blog posts.

I don’t like websites filled with flashing banners that only distract from the (good) content. This website is as clean as can be.

Wouter G. van Veen
Wouter G. van Veen
Aspiring developer & scientist

I use computational fluid mechanics to research the fundaments of insect flight.