Wouter G. van Veen

Wouter G. van Veen

Aspiring developer & scientist


I recently finished my PhD with the topic “Aerodynamics of insect flight”. The defense of my thesis is planned for the 5th of October. I started out as an aerospace engineering student focusing on supersonic Aerodynamics. For my PhD I switched to subsonic flow and used Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to uncover the secrets behind flapping flight.

After my PhD I will hope to start a new career as software developer in the Netherlands.


  • Philosophy
  • Reading
  • Sports (running, cycling & swimming)
  • Programming
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Photography


  • MSc in Aerospace Engineering, 2015

    Technical University of Delft

  • BSc in Aerospace Engineering, 2013

    Technical University of Delft



Projects I work on in my spare time

Science data structure

A simple Python library to organize large data-sets.